Make inclusion your business

Inclusion is good for business – and there’s never been a more important time to make it part of yours.

Inside Inclusion can help you make diversity and inclusion central to what you do so that everyone can feel valued and fulfil their potential, and your business can flourish.


Hello from Chris

Chris Gibbons


Chris Gibbons is an inclusion consultant with over 15 years’ experience working in the fields of diversity, equality, inclusion and anti-discrimination. While his clients represent a range of sectors in the UK and globally, much of his experience comes from the sport industry and, in particular, grassroots and professional football.

Chris works with businesses of all sizes to explore and address issues relating to all forms of diversity and discrimination. He has significant expertise in the fields of disability, faith, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Before establishing Inside Inclusion in 2016, Chris worked for RBS, The FA, Stonewall, The National Autistic Society and The Children’s Society.

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